To be honest with you, in today's economy, there are really no such things as fixed rates. Anyone who says there are has simply lost touch with reality.

But there are 3 things I can tell you about rates in general:

1. Costs are determined by the nature of the project. That is to say, once I have a good idea of what the project consists of, I can then figure out the most cost effective way to price it. Over the years I have gotten to know some pretty amazing people who are amazing for both their ability and their affordability.

2. My rates will generally always be anywhere from 40 to 50% less than a conventionally structured ad agency or designco. The simple reasons for this are a) lack of overhead, and b) lower base rate structure.

3. You will perceive absolutely no difference in the quality of thinking or execution from the aforementioned ad agencies or designcos. Mainly because myself and everybody I work with has been there and done that for many years.

Communications is a process. The first step in that process is defining the project. Pricing it comes second. Doing it comes third. Benefiting from it is last, but definitely not least.