Core Services

The core services I offer fall into three main categories, which, when utilized together make up pretty much the whole of the creative development and execution process.

Copy Writing:

Copy writing is really a form of storytelling. You tell a story about a product or service and the details of that story are all about why people would want to buy that product or service.

Every story that's told is a unique one. But the underlying foundation is all about persuasion. And persuasion is only successful if you make sure the story is honest, simple and engaging.

Art Direction:

Art direction is very much what it appears to be. It's the direction of art or the visual component of the communication. Good art direction is all about creating a visual texture through the use of other media such as photography, typography, illustration, video or animation to name a few.

If you like the way something looks, you're going to spend more time looking at it. If it is designed in such a way that it leads you though it in a logical fashion, you're going to get the message.


There is a great deal of craft in making sure that something you write and art direct ends up looking like it's supposed to. It's not easy to explain how that works. For good creative people it's just a knack that they develop over time.

It also helps to know how the various processes like printing, web site construction & audio/video post production work.