I am very much a product of the advertising agency industry, having spent nearly 20 years in senior creative positions in both Canadian and International agencies.

If you keep your eyes and ears open in ad agencies, you learn that advertising and marketing are about a whole lot more than winning awards, which, sadly is how a lot of creative people still think. Too bad for them.

What it's really all about is helping clients build their businesses. Period.

It was only when I left the ad agency business in 1989, that I realized how well equipped that industry had made me to help small and medium sized enterprises with their communications.

I started my career as a writer, but along the way, I realized that I was also a pretty solid art director and broadcast producer. This combination of skills is really my USP, or unique selling proposition. Because I can handle most projects from start to finish by myself, my clients benefit from the intrinsic economies of scale that situation creates for them.

In other words, they get more for less. And these days that's a pretty valuable thing to be offering.

Outside the communications business, I work with my associaties Terry Lewis and Simon Browning to manage a local green directory web site, I write feature film scripts with producer, director Frank Caruso, I run a couple of blogs and also write lyrics for various composers all over North America. The rest of the time, I mainly watch TV or sleep.