Welcome to my web site.  I guess I should start by telling you what it is I do. That would be a number of things.

Generally speaking, I help companies tell their stories, create or improve their brand and manage their communication efficiently & effectively.

I work mainly on referrals from marketing consultants and for small to medium sized businesses, many of whom are moving to managed communications services for the first time.

These are people who like the idea of having a go-to person who can focus, create & produce the branding & communications materials they need without taking up tons of their time in meetings & costing them a small fortune in fees.

Because I am a writer/art director/producer with a great deal of strategic discipline, I tend to be just what they are looking for. 

My Network

In the areas outside my basic skill sets, I have an excellent network of support services professionals who, through my project management, work directly with the client.

This gives me the ability to create virtually any kind of highly experienced & specialized team to efficiently & cost effectively manage any type of communication project...including yours.